Flags on Sidmouth Cliff Falls

The flagged cliff-falls are indicating just the start of the warming climate induced sea rises over the coming years. The latest news from Greenland and the Arctic shows sea-ice loss at the extreme limit of predictions.

Here in prosperous Sidmouth we can build a sea wall which will keep us safe.

Other poorer countries cannot. Their people – many millions will be affected – will lose their livelihoods and sometimes their lives. The cause of this is predominantly the extravagant lifestyles of wealthy nations – you and I.

But the main suffering will not fall on humankind. We are killing our compatriots in the animal kingdom and our plant life, in ever increasing numbers. They keep the planet alive for all of us. Don’t take my word for it – just listen to David Attenborough.

Our Government’s response to the emergency is a sticking plaster solution for a seriously ill planet.  The earth has been abused by our greed. It won’t recover unless we quickly reduce our unnecessary consumption and stop the exploitation.  This is the path our leaders should be taking us on.

Unless we act now, we will have increasing disasters day on day – floods and forests on fire. Even here at home, extreme weather events are more prevalent and becoming less predictable, and affecting those who can’t afford to keep themselves and their families safe.

The whole planet is suffering from climate injustice.

Extinction Rebellion is the only organisation with the courage to fight against this injustice, and stand up and be counted.

For our attempts to tell the truth we get threats, unlawful arrest and imprisonment.

XR Flags on the Cliff Fall at Sidmouth.

You can be courageous – Join us.