The Exeter branch of Extinction Rebellion, holding local protests and preparing for national actions which we hope will peacefully persuade the government to take greater action on climate change and biodiversity.

To get in touch with a friendly voice who can introduce you to XR e-mail welcome@extinctionrebellionexeter.org.

There is a welcome meeting for newcomers on Thursday 29th September at 6.30 p.m. Find our more here.

A new look for Exeter XR

Out with boring old General Meetings and in with a more social and interesting gathering once every 4 weeks.  

The next one is on 20th October and will be focusing on XR actions. There is a forthcoming action on 29th October. While it is XR policy not to blame and shame, this applies to individuals and not Barclays.   For more Information click here.

The other good news is that as well as the end of General Meetings, the bread and butter business of Exeter XR will be conducted at Anchor Circle every 4 weeks.  All groups should have a representative there and they are open to absolutely anyone who wants to attend.  

Anchor Circle is now meeting regularly to ensure the smooth running of Exeter XR. All are welcome to attend. The date of the next meeting is October 6th. For more information click here.



This essential remote role is ready for you now.  


For more information click here.

XR Rebel social

New, returning and existing Rebels all welcome. City Gate Pub, Iron Bridge, Exeter EX4 3RB 7.30pm-10pm Thursday 29th September. We might be outside if the weather is warm. Look out for XR flags.

Rebellion in London in September. This was cancelled due to the death of Queen Elizabeth. Rebellion is scheduled for October 14th. Find out about it here.

XR has a new strategy for actions in 2022. You can read all about it here.

Many rebels were in Glasgow for COP26 and the April rebellion in London. There is a feeling of outrage at the lack of meaningful progress. If you would like to contact the regeneration group for help with anxiety or if you want to be involved with this group, click here.

We aim to hold the government to account on its climate and ecological diversity promises.

To see the discrepancies on climate promises, click here.