The Exeter branch of Extinction Rebellion, holding local protests and preparing for national actions which we hope will peacefully persuade the government to take greater action on climate change and biodiversity.

To get in touch with a friendly voice who can introduce you to XR e-mail welcome@extinctionrebellionexeter.org.

You can also come along to a general meeting (alternate Friday evenings or mornings), where we discuss protests, actions and marches which you can join.

Next meeting is in Rougemont Gardens at 7.00 p.m. on 24th September weather permitting. The agenda and link (in case of Zoom) are in the Forum. If you haven’t joined a meeting before then e-mail Chris on chriswxr@protonmail.com and he will invite you in.

To see what we have been doing while abiding by Covid regulations click here. We have been busy.

We aim to hold the government to account on its climate and ecological diversity promises.

To see the discrepancies on climate promises, click here.

To see the discrepancies on ecology, click here.