The Exeter branch of Extinction Rebellion, holding local protests and preparing for national actions which we hope will peacefully persuade the government to take greater action on climate change and biodiversity.

To get in touch with a friendly voice who can introduce you to XR e-mail welcome@extinctionrebellionexeter.org.

You can also come along to a general meeting.  The next meeting is at MakeTank at 7pm on 17th January. General meetings are changing to make them more interesting. This next one will centre around a discussion about nuclear power. Details can be found here.

XR UK is formulating a new strategy. See the events page for information on a live meeting for an explanation and discussion.

Latest news on James Brown’s court case. James is a registered blind, gold medal winning para athlete, Exeter resident sentenced to 12 months for disrupting London City Airport. Good news: he was released on bail on Wednesday 8th December by the Appeals Court. Welcome home to Exeter James.

Many rebels were in Glasgow for COP26 and others held events here in Exeter. There is a great feeling of disappointment or more accurately outrage at the lack of meaningful progress. If you would like to contact the regeneration group for help with anxiety or if you want to be involved with this group, click here.

To see what we have been doing while abiding by Covid regulations click here. We have been busy.

We aim to hold the government to account on its climate and ecological diversity promises.

To see the discrepancies on climate promises, click here.