Exeter XR gatherings

The next gathering will be run by Actions and Logistics.

We should remember that Extinction Rebellion is our name. We are acutely aware of the threat of extinction and we are in rebellion.

We will outline the upcoming Barclays action on 29th October and also the requirements for any successful action. Discussion will focus on the purpose of direct action. What are the outcomes of various types of action? Come and make your views known.

Venue:  The soon to be opened Exeter Climate Emergency Centre.  It’s the old Crew clothing shop, 40 Bedford St, Exeter, EX1 1GJ.

Date & time:  Thursday 20th October at 7.00 p.m.

If you have any ideas for future gatherings then go to the ‘Contact us’ heading and post your suggestions.

Anyone is welcome to come along our gatherings. We only ask that you respect our Principles.