Exeter Working and Affinity Groups

We warmly welcome new members and often their way into becoming a rebel is to join a Working or Affinity Group. There they will meet and share with others, contribute their time and skills – and if that group does not suit there are plenty more to try. See below for details and contact details.

Extinction Rebellion organise into several different types of groups with regionally based groups such as Exeter. Within local groups there are often Working Groups which focus on a particular aspect. Some people may be members of several Working Groups, others may not be in any.

Exeter has many working groups including:

A core concept of Extinction Rebellion’s Non Violent Direct Action is organising in small groups known as Affinity Groups. In each group there are usually rebels with responsibility for wellbeing and other support roles as well as those willing to risk arrest in order to bring attention to the Climate and Ecological Crisis. The Exeter area has several Affinity Groups, including:

Pages with information on the geographical area each AG covers and how to contact or join will be published on this site in the near future.