Why does Extinction Rebellion exist? 

Extinction Rebellion was formed in 2018 by very worried people who saw that, though climate change was recognised over thirty years ago, very little was being done to prevent it.  

Numerous international conferences have agreed that global heating will make parts of the world un-liveable in the foreseeable future, raise sea levels and drown major cities and the land which we use to grow our food.  Much was said and agreed at the conferences but our politicians have failed to take any meaningful action to prevent it.  

XR inspired demonstrations by people all over the world have  pushed climate change to the top of the political agenda since we came together.  You will now hear the phrases  “global warming”, “climate change”, “Climate Emergency” and “loss of biodiversity” on most news broadcasts, but still very little is being done to prevent it happening.  You can make a difference.  You will have skills and interests which you could use to make more people aware of the dangers of Climate Change, and will make sure that our politicians take real action to prevent it getting worse. 

If you are interested in your survival, or the prosperity and survival of your children it is time to take notice and take action.  

A simple way to start is to do the quiz.  It takes three minutes and it’s a bit of fun.  Some of the answers will surprise and worry you, but the answers are all based on statements from organisations like the International Committee on Climate Change. Do the quiz here.  

When you have done the quiz, think about the implications for you and the people and places you love. Think about the implications for all life on Earth.  INACTION may literally spell EXTINCTION. 

 Extinction Rebellion is an entirely peaceful organisation of people like you, based on tolerance and good humour, and dedicated to action to preserve our beautiful planet and all the life on it. 

If you want to design a poster, or stick one up where you are not supposed to, or want to write a letter to your MP, or want to join an action, or want to play in a samba band, or sing, or know what climate change means to you, then get in touch.  You can e-mail welcome@extinctionrebellionexeter.org. go to our home page at https://extinctionrebellionexeter.org or you can go to the ‘Groups’ page to find links to various activities.