Extinction Rebellion Exeter, preparing for national actions to peacefully force the government to take greater action on climate change and biodiversity.

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To see what we have been doing while abiding by Covid regulations click here. We have been busy.

Why are Extinction Rebellion protesting during the covid lockdown?

The current regulations allow up to six people to meet outdoors in a public place. We have carried out a Covid Risk assessment (here) and will ensure that our actions are safe. We understand that it is easy to lose sight of the Climate and Ecological Emergency and want to ensure that even in these difficult times that it is not forgotten.

Why do Extinction Rebellion block roads and cause disruption?

We have tried writing petitions to MPs, voting green and standing beside the road with placards but that is easy to ignore. 

Disruption gets attention and does force the government to act. It has proven to be effective: the UK government were the first to declare a Climate Emergency in response to Extinction Rebellion’s mass protests in London over Easter of 2019.

Politicians are driven by short term policies that can keep them in power. Most will be dead by the time the truly horrific consequences of this crisis hit home, however our children and grandchildren will suffer. We have to act now to ensure that government take serious urgent steps to address the crisis.

Non violence is a core part of the Extinction Rebellion ethos. Not only do we believe that non violence is an effective means of protest but we want to grow our movement and appeal to families and people of all walks of life who understand the extent of the crisis we are facing. 

One of the best ways to get an understanding of the gravity of the climate and ecological crisis is to test your knowledge. There is a really useful and challenging quiz here, with citations from respected scientific bodies backing up the answers. 

The government is not seriously addressing the causes of this crisis. The government’s own Committee on Climate Change states: ‘Progress is generally off-track in most sectors, with only four out of 21 of the indicators on track in 2019.  This represents no change from the previous year where the same four of the 21 indicators were met. 14 of the indicators tracked have moved in the right direction since our last Progress Report, the remaining 7 are worse than the previous year‘. You can read that report here.

The government claim that they have ‘reduced emissions by 44% compared with 1990‘. This has been primarily driven by the UK no longer manufacturing the goods we now import. The carbon cost of all imports are disregarded in this false accounting as are all flights and shipping!

Please help us to ensure the government acts. You can join us, sign up to our e-newsletter for regular updates here, donate to help fund the movement or learn more about our demands.