Action Support

Action at the Met Office

The purpose of this group is to support people and groups from Exeter and the surrounding area to take action to achieve the demands of Extinction Rebellion.

Underlying Principles of Action Support
We are a Mass Movement of Non-Violent Civil Disobedience.Extinction Rebellion’s actions can be broken down into three types of action. Most of our protests will achieve all 3 at some level, but are often organised to focus on one over another.

Disruption: to create disruption through mass civil disobedience, towards achieving our demands.

Reaching Out: to tell the public the truth, and bring people together, at the protest, or through the media.

Visioning: demonstrating the future we want to see through beautiful creative actions.

Through our actions we will try to reach out to new groups, create mass economic disruption, and vision the future we want to see in the world. Some actions will be aimed at one or two of these outcomes, and some at all three. Different kinds of civil disobedience will be designed to appeal to a wide range of people, especially families and youth. All these actions will be optimised to take into account regenerative cycles of rest and action.