Getting more involved

Once you have been to an introduction meeting, here are some ideas of how you could get more involved with the work of Extinction Rebellion Exeter…

Follow and like us on social media

Join the XR Exeter Signal group

Signal is an encrypted instant messaging service, and XR Exeter have a Signal group which we use for group messaging. To add yourself to the group:

1 – Install Signal Messenger on your smartphone:

2 – Go to

3 – Once one of the group administrators accepts your request, you will be a member of the group.

Read the ‘rebel starter’ and ‘rebel next steps’ packs

This is certainly the best way to find out more about XR and how we work. There are almost 100 Rebel Roles that you could contribute to in XR! Only about 3 of them involve the possibility of being arrested, and all roles are crucial to success ❤️.

Sign the XR volunteer agreement

If you accept our 3 Demands and 10 Values and Principles then you can act in the name of XR.  The volunteer agreement confirms this, and also contains our Data Protection statement.

Get access to the hub

The XR UK communications hub, (not to be confused with The Climate Action Hub which is an alliance of local organisations who share premises at 40 Bedford Square, Exeter!), has 3 main elements:

  • The Forum – Multi-threaded discussion for easy organising.
  • The Cloud – Document storage.
  • Mattermost – Instant chat.

To request access to the Hub, please contact Chris at who will register you, and take you through the next stage.

Come to local meetings

These all take place at the Exeter Climate Action Hub:
👉🏽 1st Thursday of the month – Introduction to XR Exeter + Social
👉🏽 3rd Thursday of the month – Local Group Meet-up (focus on a theme)
👉🏽 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month – Anchor Circle

Check the events and meetings page to find out more about the next meeting.

Complete the Foundation Programme

This is a 4 week part-time course (6-8hrs/week) primarily for people new to XR. It aims to give you a thorough grounding in who we are and how we work. It is coordinated by the UK Rebel Pathway Team.

Find where in XR you best ‘fit’ and become ready to move straight into a role with one of our amazing teams anywhere across the movement. You’ll receive support, personal connections, a solid understanding of our work and all the tools you need for a flying start!

This programme will be useful for anyone starting out in XR, whether you have already joined a group or are looking for one. The courses run approximately every month.

Basic Course: 1-2 hours a week.
Full Course: 6-8 hours a week.—find-your-ideal-role

Request a buddy

We are trialling a buddying system at the moment.  If you would like a more experienced rebel to provide guidance and help you find your place in the local group, please come along to our next introduction meeting and let us know.

Prepare for action

Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) training

NVDA training is important for your safety, the safety of other people around you on direct actions, and of the general public. You will learn about Civil Disobedience, theories of Nonviolence, various practical skills, and how to use your support systems. Frequently rebels form into Affinity Groups following these sessions.

Upcoming NVDA courses in Exeter will be announced in the bi-monthly newsletter and found on our events and meetings page. XR UK talks and trainings also host a regular online training – see:

Join an Affinity Group

These are the building blocks of rebellion.  A group of about 8 to 15 rebels get to know each other well (strengths and weaknesses) and form a mutual support group.  Each member of the Affinity Group has a specific role, although this can be flexible. Affinity Groups rebel and take action together. Local Affinity Groups are listed here:

Take part in actions

Upcoming actions will be publicised in the newsletter, on this website’s events and meetings page, on social media and on our Signal group.

Join a working group

Exeter local group is organised into several working groups, each of which has a particular speciality or focus. For more information go to the groups page of this website.

Do some outreach

• Volunteer at Exeter Climate Action Hub, (3 hour shifts from 10am til 1pm, and from 1pm to 4pm) – see the Exeter Community Alliance website for more details
• Pink table
• Leafleting
• Postering and stickering
• Door-knocking

To get involved in any of these, let us know at the next Introduction Meeting, or contact us here.

Page updated 29/05/2023