Regenerative Culture and Wellbeing Working Group

The Regenerative Culture (Regen) and Wellbeing Working Group helps create a culture within Extinction Rebellion, and society as a whole, that’s healthy, resilient and adaptable. We do this by fostering a stronger connection with the self, nurturing healthy relationships, and encouraging a restorative and mutually nurturing connection to nature. We support and encourage practices which create insight into our grief, pain and joy and strengthen relationships within our community.

To contact Exeter regen group e-mail regen@extinctionrebellionexeter.org

We’re focused on wellbeing within the movement. It’s essential to prevent burnout. During actions, Regen/Wellbeing looks after rebels, making sure those on the frontline receive the support they need. Outside of rebellion time we look at disempowering the unhealthy systems we’re living in by putting new ones in place.

For more information please see Regenerative Action Cycle here:   https://extinctionrebellion.uk/act-now/resources/wellbeing/

What We Do and Who We Need

  • We have members who are able to offer occasional sessions including Kinesiology and Listening Circles for small groups.
  • We would love to hear from you if you have skills and experience in supporting and nurturing others and are willing to offer free or donation based regenerative and wellbeing sessions.
  • We signpost offers of support for Rebels such as Post-Arrest Support and Liaison – PAL, Trained Emotional Support Network, peer support networks in chat groups
  • Action Care – Wellbeing volunteers attend actions from marches/demos to arrestable protests to provide practical welfare support, ensure inclusion, de-escalate if need arises and facilitate debriefs after actions. For arrestable actions we provide Police Station supporters and Court supporters if needed. Training is available for all of these roles.
  • We always welcome more members and there are a range of opportunities that can be matched to your time availability, skills, experience and interests, including areas where you’re keen to try something new and develop additional skills.