Volunteer with Extinction Rebellion Exeter

We are looking for an Internal Coordinator

The Extinction Rebellion (XR) Exeter Local Group engages in non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse.  We demand the government tell the truth about the climate and ecological crisis; act now to preserve life and protect nature; and create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice. 

As the local group begins to focus on the Extinction Rebellion Strategy 2023-24 we are excited to seek a new Internal Coordinator.

The Internal Coordinator (IC) will work as part of a friendly, supportive and experienced team, helping XR Exeter to grow as a true community base of power, uniting and increasing the number of people supporting the movement, joining active participation, protest and non-violent direct action, and together, turning the tide on political inaction on the climate and ecological crisis.

The Internal Coordinator (IC) is responsible for coordinating the activities of, and ensuring the smooth running of, the local group. 

Candidates will:

  • understand and agree to XR principles and demands
  • have great organising skills and a willingness to learn

In addition, ideally candidates will have a working knowledge of XR:

  • structures (self-organising system)
  • working groups and roles
  • meeting facilitation basics

However, training will be provided as needed and when starting the role you will be fully supported by experienced rebels who operate as a part of XR’s Self-Organising System, meaning the role is largely fairly straightforward.


As Internal Coordinator you will be:

  • Setting the tone for the team, stewarding the relationships and connections that team members make with each other
  • Working together with and helping coordinate the activities of the Exeter ‘Working Groups’ (WGs) and Affinity Groups (AGs) to create and implement local strategy and to ensure activities are joined up and collaborative
  • Listening to feedback from local group members and offering feedback to WG  leads
  • Ensuring new members are aware of and agree with XR’s Ways of Working, Principles, Values and Demands
  • Supporting and maintaining comms channels, including internal communications and managing information flow within the local group
  • Keeping list of WGs and AGs up to date so it’s clear who is doing what
  • Representing the group in the regional circle if the external coordinator isn’t available 
  • In the absence of a Secretary, taking responsibility for managing and editing the minutes and actions document, and preparing the meeting agenda and publicising minutes and action points in the local group signal chat
  • Attending regional circle meetings as observers as necessary and supporting in the report of important information from the regional circle and wider movement back to the local group
  • Asking people to leave the group if they are:
    • repeatedly violating XR’s Principles & Values, its aims or its constitution 
    • refusing to participate in XR’s conflict resilience process
  • Asking people to leave a role if they are not fulfilling their role’s mandates

Hours and Location

This is a voluntary role and will require a commitment of approximately 6-8 hours per week. It can be shared between two candidates, and the duration is 3 months initially, with 6 monthly reviews after that. 

The Internal Coordinator will need to attend regular meetings in Exeter, plus additional work from home and zoom meetings.

If you are interested, please email welcome@extinctionrebellionexeter.org with a brief description of why you are interested in the role.