Biodiversity Action 3rd October

The Cricklepit Bridge action in Exeter on Friday 22nd September went exceedingly well, with the weather on our side and the Quay area crowded with people, many of them visitors from other parts of the UK and the world.  We set up a pink table, but it wasn’t much used during the day because Rebels mostly met people and engaged them in critical talks on the bridge.   Those of us who had done the recently-offered talking training found it amazingly effective, the response from the people we met was overwhelmingly positive and everyone involved enjoyed the day.  The new withhold-your-vote campaign was well received, and we will monitor traffic to the site over the next weeks to see how well it has been picked up.  Particular thanks go out to the Rebels who cycled from Mortonhampstead and came in from Honiton to boost our numbers, making it possible to run the event while so many local Rebels were away in London.

 The Biodiversity group are planning to run a similar event on Sunday October 3rd so please put that date in your diary and sign up to help on the day when the list comes out.  And if there is any opportunity to do any sort of talking training, locally or on Zoom, I would urge you to give it a go.  It will transform how well you talk to anyone.If you would like to know more about the withhold-your-vote campaign, go to   You might like to take part (it’s very easy to do) and a swift reading of the leaflet and site may help you explain it to people you meet sometime soon.