How can Exeter Observer help our city thrive?

How can Exeter Observer help our city thrive? Come along to an informal event to sher your ideas.

Exeter Observer is a new kind of independent news organisation that holds wealth, power and influence to account while helping people participate more effectively in local democracy. They have proven to be effective communicators on the environment and the climate and ecological crisis, as shown by their in-depth, well researched articles

They are hosting a series of informal events to share their plans to cover more of what matters and help our city to thrive. Each will be loosely themed around a key topic with short presentations and breakouts. Attendees will choose the coverage options they’d most like to see and share their ideas on how Exeter Observer might grow the independent journalism Exeter needs. There will also be home-made refreshments and plenty of time for ad hoc discussion.

All of these events may be of interest to Extinction Rebellion Exeter members, or anyone concerned about our future and how we come together at community level to make the changes we need to see.

The events take place on Wednesdays from 6 – 7.30pm.

– 5 April at Exeter Climate Hub – climate & environment
– 19 April at St Sidwell’s Community Centre – planning & place
– 3 May at Exeter Climate Hub – transport & mobility
– 17 May at St Sidwell’s Community Centre – community & society
– 31 May at Exeter Climate Hub – democracy & governance
– 14 June at St Sidwell’s Community Centre – arts & culture.

Places are limited so please register to secure a spot:

If you’d like to find out more or attend more than one event please get in touch: