Save the date! 

The Gathering on the Beach 

Please join Rebels and invited friends & supporters to a Gathering on the Beach at Orcombe Point, Exmouth EX8 2AY on Saturday 23rd October between 4.00-7.30pm. Bring your energy, sense of fun and a picnic. If there’s an object which has significance in your fight against Climate Change, it would be lovely if you brought that to the Gathering and spoke briefly about it. You’ll need warm clothing and a torch. We’ll provide a Beacon Fire and maybe some extra excitements. This will launch events as a local response to COP26 and give a warm send-off to those rebels going to Glasgow. 

Other actions you can take

Check out the Selfie4COP26 Facebook and Instagram pages. We’d love you to post a “selfie” with your message to COP.Join the virtual crowd! 

The Beacon Windows Project has been taken up by the Scouts & Guides etc but is also a creative activity for families at home –maybe in a wet Half Term? Using cardboard, tissue paper and glue, make a “stained glass” window and write your message to COP on it. Post it in a window so that it’s lit from behind and shine your beacon out to the world. 

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