The Rebellion Bus Comes to Exeter

The UK Rebellion Bus Tour is bringing a message of mobilisation to the nation, and it’s coming to Exeter on Thursday 22nd September.  

Programme for the day:


The tour bus starts off at Exeter City Council at 10am to let them know that their Net Zero Plan for 2030 is just not good enough.  

Then at 10:30am Sidwell Street  will be filled with the resounding beat of the Samba band as the Pink Table outreaches to passers by and asks them to join the movement.

At 1pm the bus arrives at Exeter University for a Tipping Point Picnic, designed to appeal to students who would-be rebels. (Exeter University is a world leader in highlighting the impact of Tipping Points on future Climate Chaos)

Next up the bus visits the Quay at 3:30pm for a People’s Assembly. Finally we head back to the Climate Hub for the evening’s Special Gathering on the Biodiversity Crisis which starts at 7pm.

The bus then heads off to our sister XR Group; XR Teignmouth & Newton Abbot for further actions the following day. 

The Bus Tour aims to mobilise 100,000 rebels for the next major action, the April 2023 Rebellion, and to highlight Citizen’s Assemblies as the way forward to deal with the Ecological and Cost of Living Crises.