*The* Pink Table

One of the many memorable sights of the Impossible Rebellion of August 2021 was the appearance of a 4m high pink table in the centre of London at the junction of six roads in Covent Garden. Built off-site by a small team it was disguised as a lorry before being parked across the junction and deployed like a pink transformer before any police arrived on the scene. The first march of the rebellion having been listening to speeches from Gail Bradbrook was coordinated to arrive at the scene as the set up was complete. 100s of pink chairs were waiting for them to pick up to ‘come to the table’ – one of the messages of the fortnight. The six roads were blocked by vans with rebels locked underneath them or by rebels glued to the road or locked on to each other. It would take the police over 24 hours to clear the junction.

Four brave rebels stayed