Unite to survive – community alliance building meeting

On 26th January, various groups and organisations with links to Exeter will come together to discuss plans to unite for a fairer society and a citizen-led end to the fossil fuel era.

Numerous intersecting UK crises – climate, biodiversity loss, NHS, cost of living, waves of widespread strike action, etc – are increasingly leading people to say enough is enough. Petitions and letters have proved to be ineffective over the past 30 years, leading some national organisations to call for more urgent action.

The 100 days campaign is a movement of movements, inviting all humans, all movements, all organisations to come together around the Houses of Parliament from 21st April onwards to bring about the sustainable change required, and the Exeter Community Alliance is now inviting local groups to unite around this campaign.

Which local groups would like to be involved? How can we help each other to promote the various but interlinked causes? What do we want to do together in the 100 day countdown towards 21st April?

If your group is interested in participating in this conversation, please come along to this meeting which is hosted by the Exeter Community Alliance, and find out if coming to London on 21st April is something you might consider!