XR Exeter 100 days – find out what it’s all about!

Date: Tuesday 10th January 2023
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Venue: Exeter Climate Action Hub, 40 Bedford Street, Princesshay, EX1 1GJ

Everyone is welcome to come and find out more about more about the XR UK 100 days campaign, and to help shape plans for what Exeter Local Group will be doing over the next 3 or 4 months.

Find out about:
👉🏽 The 100 days countdown to surrounding parliament at the end of April in support of climate and social justice movements.
👉🏽 The Dirty Water campaign, which will put pressure on the government about the appalling state of our waterways, rivers, and seas due to regulatory failure and profit-grabbing industries.
👉🏽 XR Exeter’s Biodiversity Group’s plans to raise the profile of the ecological crisis, including campaigning to protect wildlife and make ecocide a crime.
👉🏽 Plans to partner with, and build on existing relationships with, local groups and organisations who share Extinction Rebellion’s principles and values.

Plus there wil be an opportunity to discuss and shape how the Exeter local group will support the 100 days campaign over the next… well… 100 days! And expect to come away with some ideas of how you could get involved.

If you know people who used to be active in the environmental movement but have not been involved for a while, please share this invitation and let them know they are really welcome!

Similarly, Extinction Rebellion’s recent ‘we quit‘ messaging may have appealed to people who support Extinction Rebellion’s aims, but have previously been put off by public disruption or the threat of arrest. If this is you, there has never been a better time to get involved, so come along on Tuesday and see if you might wish to join us at the end of April – no pressure!

If you have any questions ahead of Tuesday, please get in touch via FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/events/566288674931394/ 🙂

More info about 100 days: https://extinctionrebellion.uk/the-big-one/
More info about ‘we quit’: https://extinctionrebellion.uk/2022/12/31/we-quit/